Dear Leos & Friends,

We hope you are doing as well as possible and are helping your local communities with living through this pandemic. Because that is what we Leos do, we serve. We help and we support. And, we organize fantastic events to get together to exchange ideas, make connections and expand our organization even further.

Under normal circumstances we would have been able to show you all we have worked on at LEF 2020 in Italy. Under normal circumstances you would already have started booking flights to Sweden or Denmark.

Under normal circumstances we would have opened our registration for LEPF registration this week.

But in 2020 normal circumstances do not exist. The “new normal” is everything but. Every day different news become public, governments publish new guidelines and people like you and I are simply trying to navigate their lives through these uncertain seas.

These uncertainties have a big effect on our LEF as well. We are unable to guarantee that most of you will be able to come to Scandinavia when January rolls around or that we will even be able to spend time in the same rooms. It is therefore with a heavy heart that the LEF 2021 Orga Team in close collaboration with the Lions Denmark and Sweden have had to make the decision to cancel LEPF 2021.

That said, we are currently trying to work out a solution where all the hard work does not go unnoticed and instead make a virtual LEPF a possibility. Additionally, we are still on track for LEF to take place August 14-21, 2021 as planned – no worries!

So, stay tuned, follow along and we hope to see you soon.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

We love you