Why Swedania?

Sweden and Denmark would be too small to organize a Leo Europa Forum on their own. Therefore Danish and Swedish Leos came up with the idea “LEF 2021 Swedania, Come Together in 2021 to get two for one” and decided during LEF 2017 to take on the project and organize it together. As a location, Elsinore was chosen.

Leo Europa Forum is all about coming together. Sharing experiences and ideas, learning and exploring together, and making new friends. Just as Sweden and Denmark are coming together to arrange Swedania, we hope that you and your friends #ComeTogether to show Europe why being a Leo is so great!

Why Elsinore?

Elsinore, Denmark, is not just an ideal location for LEF 2021 because of its proximity to Sweden (it is the closest city to Sweden) but also because of the area’s importance to Swedish – Danish relations. With history going back into the 13th century, the strait between Elsinore and Helsingborg has been a strategically important location for especially toll collection.

Throughout history, the borders between Sweden and Denmark shifted through bloody wars and unstable peace agreements. Sweden gained control of Helsingborg again in 1710, while Elsinore has remained in Danish hands. Today, both Elsinore and Helsingborg are flourishing and growing cities, and they are the world’s oldest twin cities.